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How to find the right makeup artist for your wedding?

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life. Every detail of that day is important and should be perfect for you and your partner; you have thought of everything to ensure your day is perfect while planning after all. While it may be appealing to do your own makeup to save money- the superior difference a professional can make will prove the cost is completely worth it. 1. Do your homework

Research different salons in your area. Ensure that the salon you chose is reputable and understands the time sensitivity of a wedding day. Request photos of previous bridal parties and judge the quality of the work.

2. Do a trial run

Bridal make up trials are the perfect opportunity to meet with the

makeup artist one on one and share your ideas, thoughts, and concerns.

Be completely honest about your comfort level with makeup and how much

you generally wear. True professionals will know how to make sure you

not only look flawless but also ensure you feel flawless. 3. Find someone you click with The other major benefit of having a makeup trial is finding that perfect

match. Having your makeup done on the day of your wedding should be a

relaxing pampering experience. Find someone who gets you and makes you

feel at ease. All of the work leading up to the big day will have been

stressful enough. Find someone you feel will fit well with everyone and will make the day more special.

4. Find someone accommodating

If you have certain restrictions with mobility, access, or allergies take the time to find a makeup artist that understands you and is willing to work around your unique needs. Perhaps you have a large bridal party and would prefer to have the artist come to you as opposed to you and your party of 16 coming to them. You didn’t settle before finding your perfect match and your makeup artist should be no


5. Trust Professional makeup artists have an eye for colour and design while bringing techniques to highlight your features and create a flawless look in both photos and person. The skill level of the makeup artist will impress everyone and yourself in the wedding, this will guarantee that your makeup not only looks amazing but also lasts through the day and night. We hope that this helps you in your quest to find the best makeup artist for you.

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