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How to decorate your Wedding Arch?

When you’re decorating your wedding arch, a great choice would be to add something romantic that stands out with your own touch, after all it’s your wedding ceremony. Whether you use a classic theme with roses, or a customized theme with you favorite flowers, the process for decorating your arch will be the same. Once you’ve found your theme, keep in mind, you will have to decide whether you want to use real flowers or fake ones. Their specifics for decorations logistics are different so we have to stay aware of that. First of all, The Arch: You can buy your arch. If you have a lesser budget rent one (keep in mind times and retrieval). There’s always the chance to D-I-Y (do it yourself) with different materials. It could bemade of:

  • Wooden trellis

  • Steel

  • Plastic

  • Naturally Built

  • Some people have used wooden doors and they’re awesome

  • Copper or Bronze Pipes are used because of the shinny element

The Decoration:

  • Christmas lights wrapped in translucent white fabric: it’s affordable and magical solution for your wedding arch. It’s good for heavenly scenes and fantasy impression on your guests. You can even ask your friends to lend you theirs as well.

  • A Wooden arch with Ivy and roses. Symbolism of ivy is an evergreen, it is a symbol of perennial life and immortality.

  • Fabric: You can add Fabric of your favorite colors and combine them. This will add symbolism and your own unique touch.

Make sure the Arch is anchored:

  • Place every log of the arch inside buckets and fill them up with

  • Sand

  • River rocks

  • Concrete (only if you own it)

  • Gravel


  • To install something that’s not so heavy, you can use zip ties.

  • You could also use cable ties to install different varieties of flowers

  • Fabric can also be tied with cable ties or zip ties

  • Add greenery to the front of the Arch so that id stands out and gives it a more massive or bigger impression.

  • As another option, you could add flowers and greenery on the base of your arch.

  • Tying the flowers to the front of the greenery, to tie them in a bundle could also be a good idea.

  • Remember to keep it always symmetrical.

  • Add the electrical equipment necessary for the lights if your are adding any. (Remember Safety First)

  • At the end you could also add a Sign with the couples name

Well friends that is pretty much the basics of how to decorate your wedding arch and some good ideas on how to approach the decoration of your wedding arch. We hope this has given you some inspiration to take a thoughtful approach to the choice for your wedding ceremony arch or altar! Happy planning!

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