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Want to be the best Bridesmaid?

So you’ve been given the great honour of being your bride’s right hand. We know the Maid of Honour title comes with many responsibilities, and it can be a demanding role. To help, we’ve brought you a number of tips to ensure you’re the best Maid of Honour ever. Be that calming influence she needs

Planning a dream wedding is a fun and exciting thing, it’s also often one of the most stressful. Having the Maid of Honour title means you’re the closest friend or family member your bride has besides her fiance. At times, she’ll need to talk about venues and florists and plates – things that perhaps her fiance doesn’t want to hear any more about. Let her talk it out and offer advice when asked. If she feels overwhelmed, it might be time for a drink or a massage.She just needs someone to be there to listen to her.

Go to as many pre-wedding appointments and events as possible

Your bride will certainly appreciate it if you attend the most important appointments. At the beginning, it’s a great idea to take your bride to a wedding open day or expo. This is something she can do with her fiance, but bridesmaids can make it a great girls day out and an opportunity to get together themes for the bachelorette party.

The key pre-wedding appointments and events include dress shopping, the bachelorette party, the final dress fitting and the rehearsal. If you are unable to attend, make sure you lend a helping hand in the planning of those events. She’ll appreciate your help more than you know.

The bachelorette party should be about her

Maid of Honour duty is planning a kick-ass bachelorette party. Since you know her best, you should know what kind of party she would enjoy. If a nightclub isn’t really her scene, perhaps she’d enjoy a house party or a day touring local wineries. Or, a classy high tea with her closest family and friends – something even her grandmother will enjoy. The bachelorette party is all about her, after all.

Lead the pack

As Maid of Honour, you should have the responsibility to take the lead when it comes to the other bridesmaids. If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding their role as a bridesmaid, they should be able to go to you first.

Make sure she’s not stressed but excited

In the days before the wedding, your bride might be feeling nervous. To keep her excited, focus on the positive of the day and keep optimistic. You could even host a girly sleepover with the other bridesmaids and watch wedding movies.

Be the point of contact for guests

On the day, the newlyweds will be focused on celebrating their love and having the best day possible. As the Maid of Honour, you should answer any questions, concerns or inquiries without disturbing the newlyweds. Don’t get Drunk Of course you should let loose and have fun--it's a celebration, after all! But don't drink to the point of being sloppy, and this goes for the shower and bachelorette party too. If you're drunk you can't be there for anything the bride may need. Have fun with it

You’ve been given the Maid of Honour role because the bride loves you and wants you to be part of her special day. Have fun with it, you will remember this for a lifetime.

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