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Is an outdoors wedding the best choice for you?

Are you planning to celebrate your wedding under the stars? Here, indiego Gala photography we give you some pros and cons of having an outdoors wedding.


Space and view: If you really want to have a magical event, under the stars, is definitely the best way to have it. Connect hundreds of Christmas lights, start a bonfire, and have a dancing floor as big as your family, we assure you everyone will love it.

Authenticity: An outdoors wedding also signifies that you are not going to be limited by the place you are celebrating your event in. You can choose where will this wonderful place will be and how it will become a home for one of the best memories of your life. It could be anywhere, may it be authentic and simple like your friend's huge backyard. Or it could be a ample and liberating just like an old hacienda, or a beach house. This means that you have at your disposal huge open spaces were you could have lawn games, food trucks, bouncy castles, etc.

Illumination: this reason is more specifically for photographs and the documentation of your wedding. The best light for photographs is the sunlight, you could get marvelous pictures that capture this unforgettable moment in the best way possible.


Climate: unfortunately you're at the disposal of nature when you decide to have an outdoors event. What does this mean as you may imagine in any moment the rain can come and drench all your guests if there is not enough refuge. If it rains at night, the whole situation is changed, it might be harder for you and your family to appreciate your wedding under the stars because that option is gone with the rain.

It's harder to book: outdoors weddings have the tendency to be booked somewhere around summer season. This is more and more popular every year. Of course this kind of events therefore are in more demand so it will be easier for you to book it with anticipation.

Prices: another of the disadvantages that you can get with an outdoor sweating it's the great demand that they have, of course distance to bring the price for this event a little bit more to the expensive side. This is a huge disadvantage when you have a limited budget but it could also become a reality that you find some kind of difficulties with the dates and schedules available to book your event because you are competing with other weddings for the same dates.

By Camilo S. Bernabeu

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