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How to stay sober at a wedding party?

Man, weddings sure are fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding? It’s specially fun when the party starts and everyone’s dancing. Diego Gala Wedding wants to give you some tips on how to stay sober through the wedding party. Before we start we just want to remind you that if you have a problem staying sober in a regular basis try to approach a professional that can get you help for your sake and those who love you. Diego Gala wants to remind you to start with:

Serve yourself Nobody knows better how drunk you are than yourself. There’s no question about that. Serve yourself. If you can, bring your own water bottle or glass full of soda, so you don’t even have to go near the bar. If you don’t bring your own, when you arrive head straight to the liquid refreshments and help yourself to a safe option such as sparkling water. Keep your beverage in your hand for the rest of the evening. That way you won’t have to keep turning down offers of something to drink. People won’t be asking you, and unknowingly tempting you. If you set your drink down while you’re dancing or when you step into the bathroom, get a new one when you return.

Remember your last drink If the thought of a drink occurs, first think it through. Remember your last drink. Then leave the risky event and call a good friend for support.

Bring a friend Think of yourself and take a trustworthy buddy with you. Or make someone at the party into your ally (the host, a good friend, even a waiter); be honest and straightforward. Tell them that you can’t drink, and enlist them as a bodyguard. It will make the event easier for you, and will keep you from winding up drunk. If you can’t take someone with you, arrange scheduled calls with someone trustworthy throughout the evening. Build in some accountability, however you can.

Go to a Meeting Before the Party Attend a recovery meeting before you go to the party. Discuss in the meeting that you’ll be attending a party and explain your concerns. You’ll come away feeling fortified and more confident, ready to stay sober at a party.

Be Prepared for Drink Offers Keep a glass or red cup of water and put a slice of lemon or lime on the rim. This will discourage people from offering you a drink because they see one already in your hand.

Politely Decline If you’re caught without a glass and someone offers you a drink, politely decline—no explanations needed.

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