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How to choose the right bouquet?

As with any other wedding element, there are a few things that you need to consider when putting together a personal hand bouquet for your wedding. Read our list below for some simple tips on picking the perfect bridal bouquet.

Confirm your scene, type of wedding celebration, and the dress The type of wedding you’ll be having, and the dress you’ll be wearing are essential to helping you pick the right bouquet. If you’re into wild flower arrangements then your dress can’t have too many frills and details in front; choose a simple silhouette so it doesn’t clash with your flowers. If your dress has intricate embellishments, pick a bouquet that doesn’t cover too much of it.

Get the colour right! If you’re fixed on an all-white bouquet, make sure it comes in a similar shade to your wedding dress for a perfect match.

Size matters If you’re a petite bride, opt for a small one so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Similarly, if you’re a tall bride, consider a cascading arrangement that complements your height.

Set a budget and stick to it Flowers can get expensive so when planning your wedding budget, do your research and come up with a realistic amount. Ask a florist for advice. Floral alternatives depending on the season might have to be made, or if too expensive, find ways to save money for your wedding flowers.

Know your flowers You may want to take note of the meanings of certain flowers. For instance, the dandelion represents faithfulness and happiness, while a pale pink rose signifies grace and joy. The gardenia means joy, and the hydrangea, perseverance.

Seasonal blooms Get more juice for your buck when you pick blooms that are in season. Find out which ones are in season at different parts of the year, in

There is no wrong or right Don’t worry. Each bouquet should reflect your personal preferences, although, you should also be open to suggestions from your florist.

Beauty is in the details and your bridal bouquet is one wedding detail that you shouldn't overlook. As simple as it may seem, a flower bouquet is more than just a bunch of flowers tied together for you to hold for one whole day. Wedding bouquets are actually part of a centuries-old tradition symbolizing luck and fertility, and the bouquet toss is meant to spread that luck to others. Keep that in mind next time you see one.

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